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Dan Schall

Free Christian Concert

at Faith United Methodist Church

Sunday, Jan. 31, 2016 – 8AM and 10:15 AM

Featuring Dan Schall.

Through his music and testimony, he conveys his love for Jesus Christ and his concern for his fellow man’s eternity. His ministry focuses on encouraging others by sharing God’s love for man. Dan stutters when he speaks, but the Lord has blessed him with a singing voice of praise to share the Lord’s words through music.

In his early years of his life, he was filled with anger, feeling that even if there was a God, He had forsaken him. Even though he had difficulty in being able to share what Christ had meant to him in spoken word, God gave him a voice to share it through song. Through his concerts he is able to help others realize what God has given them.

You can hear some of his music and his weekly webcast at his website at:www.DanSchall.org. CD’s are available on the website and also at his concerts.